Exciting News!


Hey guys, it’s been a long time! I have been crazy busy this past year. I am 27 weeks pregnant and married now. I also got a job at a magazine called Conscious Talk Magazine! The magazine officially launches August 30th but here are two of my articles I wrote for them.

  1. Parenting Styles, Attachment, And Finding A Balance
  2. Three Important Concepts in Communication within Relationships

Anyways, update for Slayer fans! I am still rewriting the first book (The Slayer, The Lover, and The Vampire). I completely changed the beginning and added new chapters. This fall I am taking the semester off to give birth in November, so between blogging, writing for CTM, I will also be working on Slayer! This fall will be filled with tons of writing and I am so pumped!

XOXO S.J. Rhodes


New Beginning

Finally, I have found some time to re-write Slayer 1. Been writing the new beginning of the series today. On Chapter 3 of the new beginning. Spoiler below!Screenshot_20170331-105801

I am glad to be re-writing the series, I have so many more ideas and plots that might be somewhat different than the original version. But I think these changes will make the relationships between the characters stronger and deeper.

XOXO S.J. Rhodes

Revamping “The Slayer Series” (No pun intended)


Hey guys, so I have been on break and I’ve been going back to researching vampire mythology, and also looking for inspiration in books and tv shows. Since doing this, I have had some really cool ideas for “The Slayer Series.”


I have been struggling to write the fourth book, and I figured out why. I am going to take a break from continuing the fourth book, until I edit the things I’ve realized I need to edit in the first book, and make sure there are no continuity errors in the other books after I make the changes. I’ve also had some help from someone who has really helped me get more creative with some aspects of Slayer I haven’t delved into much detail about.


For now, I’ll be going back to the first book, editing certain things within the book, adding scenes, taking scenes out, and making the first book better. For me, I’ve realized it’s hard to write the fourth installment when the first one still needs more editing.

XOXO S.J. Rhodes

Almost Winter Break!


Life has been hectic for about a year. Lots of unpredictable things have happened for the past couple months.

I’ve been dying to get back to writing, but given that school is my top priority, writing doesn’t always get done. I am extremely excited for winter break because it means I finally have time (a month) of no school work where I can finally write more of The Scientist, The Cure, The Weapon.

Currently I have finals next week, then I am on break! I am personally taking today to get back into Slayer and see where I’ve left off. My goal is to get at least five more chapters done this winter break, and by the end of summer 2017 have book four done!

XOXO S.J. Rhodes

Weekend and Writing



This week I’ve been writing a lot! I am so glad to be getting back into Slayer. I also have other story ideas floating around in my head that I eventually want to write… there’s just not enough time to get everything done!

XOXO S.J. Rhodes

Chapter 19 & 20

Been writing a lot today, and have written a total of four chapter in two days!








Seriously glad I’ve been able to write lately. It’s nice to get back into the world of Slayer!

XOXO S.J. Rhodes

Chapter 18




Been writing more Slayer! I am really excited about some new idea’s I’ve had, and can’t wait to finish this book! I’ve still got more to write before it’s done, but I am excited for what’s to come in this story. Hope you’re enjoying the books!

XOXO S.J. Rhodes